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Daily Leisure Credit is my not-so-clever wordplay of Downloadable Content. I used to be a huge gamer, but lately have been a bit turned off by the rampant trends of downloadable content, microtransactions, pre-order exclusives and generally…

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Jan 8, 2020 Charming and delightful, thanks to a great script by Jeff Nathanson, this performance from Daniel Day-Lewis and incredible design detail. arguably its best animated film (at least that's not about Spider-man). but there's more to this movie than the many GIFs that sprung from it may lead you to believe.

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Eckel’s also the best technical writer I’ve read since Jeff Duntemann. Very clear and easy to read. Don’t be put off by the apparent large size of his books.

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Posted-By: auto-faq 3.3.1 beta (Perl 5.006) Archive-name: graphics/algorithms-faq Posting-Frequency: bi-weekly Eric Meyer can wield CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in just the same way as those actors could wield swords.

Update: Marco Barisione, who led the browser work at Collabora has written a blog post about it. Back in December 2013, we discussed our plans to develop an improved web browser for Raspberry Pi.

IRIS is a consortium of universities dedicated to the operation of science facilities for the acquisition, management, and distribution of seismological data. Nejnovější tweety od uživatele Matt Wahlquist (@mjwahlquist). Dad, husband, golfer, photog, & Packer fan; polymath. Outside Counsel Management, Pricing, & Analytics. Tweets are my own. Aj Styles vs Christopher Daniels Part 1/3 at Destination X 2011 Allen Neal Jones (June 2, 1977), better known by his ring name A.J. Styles is an American professional wrestler currently working for WWE, performing on the Raw brand.